The Few
The Few: Top, LtoR, Marek Czajkowski - Drums, Trevor Jones - Guitar/Vocals, David Jasmine - Guitar/Vocals, Maciej Bielecki - Bass.

The Few

June 2009

The Few have recently recorded their first video 'Castaway' (see link below.)

The song in this video is going to be performed live this Saturday night (27th June) at the Top Trendy Music Festival in Sopot, Poland.

The sold out festival will be live on POLSAT and also on the internet and will be viewed by an estimated 26 million viewers and visited by 80,000 people.

The Few were one of just 10 bands chosen from an application of over 350 to appear on this show.

The event is a competition and the public are requested to vote for their favourite act.

If you would like further information, please visit the Top Trendy website at, or the Few’s own website at

If you would like to vote directly from this e-mail, the link is: here

Click on "glosuj" (this means Vote), type in your e-mail address and press send. You will get a confirmation e-mail, click on the link in that e-mail and that's it, you’ve voted!

Thanks for your support :-)

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