Welcome to!

Hello! This web site is to showcase the music of Paul Cruse as well as the music of friends, associates and those who we think are just plain cool!

I am Paul Cruse and I am a Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist and have also been known to bumble around on other bits and pieces that I find lying around.

Like most artists, I have gotten involved in all kinds of diversities, but the aim of this site is to narrow it down to the arts and, specifically, music and to make it possible for music lovers and music professionals alike to hear what I have been up to and what has passed my ears.

Specifically, it should be possible to educate yourself to my musical existence and aims, from my tracks, my lyrics, some comments about my work and so on...

Please get in touch if you want to pass comment. It is always nice to hear from humans in this technical age! Have a nice day.

All the best,

Paul Cruse